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F.Y.B.COM. ADMISSION [2021-22]

Sem 5 Fee Schedule 2021-22

About College


Emancipation of women from the shackles of illiteracy and poverty in the post – colonial Indian Society. Uplifting and Empowering women through academic excellence.
Translating the motto of the institution “Strishiksha Jagtaarini”, which literally means “Women’s Education for the Deliverance of the world.”
Endowing women with knowledge and skills which will enable them to strike a concord between the professional and the domestic life.


To enable more women, especially those coming from conservative and untutored backgrounds, to avail themselves of higher education.
To ensure that they serve as agents of continuous improvement and change in the society, by making them aware of their potentiality.
To encourage leadership and service orientation.
To disseminate knowledge through comprehensive, relevant educational program and training, both on professional as well as on domestic front.

Each of us has a gift to share... none are insignificant... the gift of laughter, the gift of strength, the gift of love... let the light of your gift shine for all to see and feel... you never know who might need it

-Michael Powell



"Educating a child is educating a family but when we educate a girl child, we educate two families altogether. Our institute is one of those institutions which support Women Empowerment in its own way."